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Published: 1 July 2017
ISBN: 9781925183832
ISBN ePUB: 978-1-925183-85-6
Format: Paperback
Extent: 291pp
AU: $29.99
Categories: Memoir



Caroline van de Pol is a lecturer in Media and Communication at Deakin University and has worked in media and creative writing at RMIT University. She has a PhD in creative writing at the University of Wollongong. Caroline has worked as a journalist and editor for major newspapers including the Herald Sun and The Sunday Age, and has published two non-fiction health books on pregnancy and parenting.

Caroline grew up in Broadmeadows, Melbourne, and now lives in rural Victoria with her husband and sometimes her three adult sons. Back to Broady is her first memoir.





Back to Broady

By Caroline van de Pol


“When I was a child, we walked to church. There was either no car, or no petrol or sometimes just not enough room for all of us.”

Life in McIvor Street, Broadmeadows, was unpredictable and chaotic. Filled with love and tragedy, laughter and sadness, growing up in a big Irish Catholic family was a constantly changing landscape for the young and inquisitive Cally Egan who often dreamt of escape: from the days when her mother was so unwell she couldn’t get out of bed, or was taken away for shock treatment; from the responsibilities of yet another new baby to help care for; and from the best and worst of her 1960s working-class neighborhood.

In this remarkable memoir, Caroline van de Pol explores her bittersweet journey from a child yearning for her mother’s love and acceptance, to an adult with a greater understanding of the complexities of family and forgiveness. When tragedy continues to strike, and the dark cloud of mental illness moves from her mother to younger sister Margaret, Caroline must face the harsh realities of grief and loss, while remaining resilient for the new family of her own.

Tender, honest and incredibly compelling, Back to Broady reveals to readers that sometimes the only way to heal and move forward is to go back.