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Benison O'Reilly

Benison O’Reilly is a Sydney-based writer and the mother of three boys aged 12 to 18, the youngest of whom has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Benison was born in Nelson Bay but did most of her growing up in Tamworth, NSW, leaving for Sydney at 18 to study for a pharmacy degree. After a couple of years spent working and travelling in Europe, Benison joined the pharmacy department at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, where she was privileged to work with the late Dr Victor Chang.

After a stint in pharmaceutical industry, Benison trained as a medical writer. It was only when she was asked to co-write the first edition of The Australian Autism Handbook that she rediscovered her latent love for writing.

Benison published her first novel Happily Ever After? with Jane Curry Publishing in 2010, and has also published freelance articles in Sydney’s Child, The Sydney Morning Herald, Mamamia, iVillage, BubHub and The Hoopla

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