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Batemans Bay Writers Festival: MEMOIR - TELLING TRUE STORIES with Annabel Morley

Although regarded as non fiction, memoir can easily merge with fiction. How does a writer distinguish memory from fact or determine truths long buried with their teller? Three authors discuss the telling of family tales and the process of discovering the emotional truths of their stories. Facilitated by Meredith Jaffé.

Annabel Morley is the daughter of renowned actor Robert Morley and granddaughter of the society beauty Dame Gladys Cooper. She grew up in a bohemian artistic and quintessentially English family surrounded by theatre greats such as Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier and Spencer Tracy. Her memoir, The Icing on the Cake, brings to life an exceptional childhood during the glamorous 1940s and 50s and features unpublished photos, private letters and personal memories.

Along with Rod Jones and Deb Hunt, Annabel Morley will discuss the nuances, strengths and difficulties of writing memoir.