Do you publish every book you are sent, or is there a selection process?

We don't make everyone who contacts us an offer to publish.

We read and discuss every book submission in a weekly publishing meeting, from both Ventura and Impact submissions. If successful, our editorial team will be in touch to proceed with the next step towards publication.

What kind of books do you publish?

We publish both non-fiction and fiction titles, from memoir, to health and from literary to commercial fiction. Have a browse through our book pages to see what we have previously published. If you’re looking to submit, our submission process has more detail of what we are looking for.

What is different about Impact Press?

Impact Press offers a Professional Publishing model for start up authors to enter the book publishing world. Impact authors are asked to offset the commercial risk by contributing to the upfront costs of creating, printing and distributing their book.

This allows you to back yourself and invest in your own work, while retaining a higher level of control over the final product than those published traditionally. We in turn ensure that the quality of your book is second-to-none, and you are given legitimate access to the book market by the sales team at Simon & Schuster.

Is Impact Press different to self publishing?

In short, yes. Even though you are contributing to the upfront costs of your book, Impact Press could not be further from self-publishing. The exact same process and team that create Ventura Press books are used for our Impact books, meaning your book will be produced to the highest industry standard and managed by us the entire way - no awkward covers, thick white paper stock or badly designed internals here.

Unlike self-publishing, we offer you a chance to genuinely sell your book in the market. Your book will be hand sold to Australian and New Zealand booksellers by the incredible sales team at Simon & Schuster Australia, stored in their warehouse (instead of 500 copies stored in your garage) and distributed across Australia and New Zealand. S&S also ensure your book is available to purchase at all major online retailers, including Booktopia and Book Depository.

As for vanity publishing, we don't publish every book submitted, as we believe it must be able to sell in the book market. If you get an offer to publish from us, congratulations! There's no vanity here, and no shame in investing in your own work and brand.