• Published 1 April 2016

  • ISBN: 978-1-925183-64-1

  • Format: Paperback

  • Categories: Self-help & Personal Development, Memoir

About the Author

Winsome Thomas has been a teacher, an educational and spiritual leader and at the age of 52 became a registered psychologist focusing on the treatment of depression, anxiety and psychosis.

Heart Hungers

By Winsome Thomas

‘Winsome offers honesty unsalted by fear. She has the skill of asking the right question at the right time, coaxing her patient into more tranquil waters’
Sydney Morning Herald

Within us all is the potential to lead a fulfilled and satisfied life. But how to achieve this, or even where to start, is the hard part. 

Leading psychologist Winsome Thomas believes that to achieve true contentment eight fundamental human desires need to be met. They are called heart hungers: basic needs that stem from security, service, esteem, enjoyment, love, limits, freedom and spirituality. 

When one or more heart hunger isn’t fulfilled, especially over a long period of time, we experience anxiety, despair or depression. 

Using remarkable true stories from the people she has treated, most notably the author of Madness: A Memoir, Kate Richards, Heart Hungers will help you uncover your own heart hungers, and inspire the confidence to fulfill them. 

Deeply poignant, honest and inspiring, Winsome weaves her own tale of heart hunger discovery throughout the book, supporting the belief that the therapist’s own lived experience is a vital component to each individual’s journey of discovery and recovery. 

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