Published: 1 April 2017
ISBN: 9781925384192
ISBN ePUB: 9781925384208
Format: Paperback
Extent: 304pp
AU: $29.99
Categories: Fiction

About the Author

Professor Gordon Parker AO is the founder and former Executive Director of the Black Dog Institute. Currently Scientia Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New South Wales, he was, for nearly two decades, Head of the School of Psychiatry at UNSW and Director of the Division of Psychiatry at Prince of Wales and Prince Henry Hospitals.

His first novel was published in 1966, and he has also written for The Mavis Bramston Show and OZ Magazine. He was an ABC Science broadcaster and a book reviewer for the Sydney Morning Herald. His autobiography A Piece of My Mind: A Psychiatrist On The Couch, was published in 2012.





In Two Minds

By Gordon Parker

Doctor Martin Homer has a naturally sunny disposition.  Honourable, attentive and trusted by all of his patients, he has only ever loved one woman – his wife, Sarah.

When his mother dies suddenly, Martin’s life is thrown into complete disarray. His profound grief sinks him into a state of black dog depression, before he is propelled to new heights in a frenzied, manic high.

In between riding his new skateboard around the streets and skating on thin ice both personally and professionally, the now self-entitled Martin crosses paths with Bella, a beautiful and sensual young woman profoundly damaged by trauma of her own.

In Two Minds takes you on a quirky, rollicking journey that unveils the complexities of mental illness with wit and warmth.  Gordon Parker’s impressive career in psychiatry reveals itself through rich and insightful descriptions of depression, bipolar disorder and borderline personality characteristics - and their powerful impacts.


‘I can more or less guarantee that you know someone for whom this book will be important and inspiring. There’s a very strong chance that person will be you.’ STEPHEN FRY

‘In Two Minds is erudite and sensitive, enriched by literary allusion and medical expertise.’ 

‘[Gordon Parker] aims to bring that important therapeutic duo forcefully before the non-professional public. And he does so in the form of a stark psychological thriller.’ THE AUSTRALIAN

'He draws the reader into the disturbed worlds of the characters Martin and Bella, and gives a raw and personal insight into the realities of living with serious mood disorders.' ABC RN ALL IN THE MIND

‘This is an excellent portrait of mental illness wrapped in a personal narrative that is highly relatable and so engaging you will not be able to put this book down!’ READING, WRITING AND RIESLING

‘A powerful journey that promotes reflection and effectively highlights the importance of encouraging open discussions about mental illness.' SMOOTH FM

'A compelling read for anyone interested in reading about the human side of mental illness. Recommended.' KATHRYN'S INBOX

'This is a good read that I enjoyed; it is not quick and some of it is challenging. If you are interested in mental illness, this is definitely worthwhile.' STARTS AT 60

'Compelling reading’ BRUCE GARGOYLE