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Jacqueline Dinan

Jacqueline grew up in South Gippsland Victoria and has always had an interest in women’s perspective of rural life.

She graduated with a B.A. (Management) and a Grad. Dip. (Training & Development). Her former work experience was in corporate and art communications and events, before she embarked on her own public relations and events business, Eventive. Now a regular speaker Jacqueline has become a well-known figure with the groups such as Probus and View.

Home for Jacqueline Dinan is Ivanhoe, Melbourne where she enjoys a family life of ‘blue and brawn’ with her husband and three sons and grandson, Bobby.

Other Work:

Jacqueline and her husband John co-authored A Woman’s War, historical fiction told through the eyes of a mother during WW1. This was first released in 2009.

Titles by Jacqueline