• Published: 1 February 2019

  • ISBN: 978-1-925384-61-1

  • ISBN ePUB: 9781925384628

  • Format: Paperback

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  • Categories: Memoir / Travel Writing

About the Author

Virginia Jealous’ writing includes travel journalism, essays and poetry. She’s written many guidebooks for Lonely Planet and travel articles for the Weekend Australian. Her poetry appears in a range of publications and she's been invited to present work at arts festivals in Australia, Singapore and India. Virginia lives on the road and out of a suitcase when not at home in Denmark, Western Australia. There, she works seasonally in the local Visitor Centre, bird watches daily and – in winter, with binoculars in hand – walks the headlands looking for whales in the Southern Ocean.

Rapture’s Roadway

By Virginia Jealous



John Jealous was sixty, and poet Laurence Hope had already been dead for eighty years when he became incomprehensibly obsessed with her.

After his death, his daughter Virginia finds herself drawn into the extraordinary life and work of Laurence Hope – aka Violet Nicolson – who killed herself in Madras in 1904. Laurence Hope’s poetry, with its sexually adventurous themes, thrilled and scandalised the Empire in India and beyond. In the first years of the twentieth century she was the most famous poet in the world; by World War II, she was forgotten.

Following in the footsteps of her father, Virginia travels across Australia, India, England, Spain and China, tracking Laurence Hope’s life, and finding answers to, and further mysteries in, her father’s unfinished business.

A unique blend of poetry, memoir and travelogue, Rapture’s Roadway untangles truth and lies and, where that’s not possible, celebrates the enigma of not knowing.  

Praise for Rapture’s Roadway

“A deeply personal exploration of enthralling and poignant histories – at once a memoir, travel book and biography. You might never go on a more intriguing, engaging and unexpected adventure.”

‘Jealous’ talent for travel writing really shines, as she journeys from one locale to another, tracking her father and his trailblazing muse. Combining memoir, travelogue and literary biography, Rapture’s Roadway has a little bit of everything’