• Published 1 September 2014

  • ISBN 978-1-922190-86-4

  • Format: Paperback

  • AU: $19.99

  • Categories: Children’s illustrated, Environmental

About the Author

Born in Jamestown SA in 1963, Liz has spent all of her life in regional SA and most of her life in the Riverland. She lives and works from her River Murray Property near Waikerie, which she shares with her husband, Clint, the youngest of their 4 children, Penny,  their Border Collie cross Rosie and a group of egg-laying chooks and ducks.

They describe themselves as ‘bits of modern day hippies’, and try to live in a way that limits their footprint on their local environment. They have carried out large scale native revegetation projects on their 180 acre property, and have planted over 12,000 native trees.

In addition to writing, Liz works alongside Clint as a visual artist and they specialise in kiln fired glass art made from recycled glass. The beauty of their natural environment inspires much of their work. Liz runs a studio/gallery on site that is open to the public by appointment.

River Boy

By Elizabeth Frankel and Garry Duncan (Illustrator)

A Grandfather and his young Grandson embark on an adventure of exploration and discovery of the lower reaches of the Murray River. River Boy focuses on the current circumstance of environmental decline, and along their adventure explores the changes Grandfather has seen since he was a young boy.

A gentle, sentimental story that highlights the many uses of the river, the beauty of its natural environment, and the wildlife that depend on it, but also how man has significantly altered things over the past few generations.


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