• Published 2004

  • ISBN: 978-1-925183-73-3

  • Format: Paperback

  • Extent: 80pp

  • AU: $6.99

  • Categories: Health

About the Author

Catherine Proctor is a freelance writer, editor and researcher who specialises in health and cookbooks. Catherine runs her own cooking school, Make It and Bake It, and lives on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. She is also the author of High Flavour Low FatHow Much Carb? How Much Protein?Children’s Birthday Parties and What’s the GI?


Super Sandwiches & Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

By Catherine Proctor

With children eating over 200 packed lunches each year it is important that they eat nutritious foods that help them develop healthy bodies and active minds to maintain their energy and concentration whilst at school.

Super Sandwiches & Healthy Lunchbox Ideas has made preparing children’s lunchboxes simpler. Filled with great sandwich and wrap ideas, sending your children off to school with a cheese sandwich is now a thing of the past.