• Published 1 May 2014

  • ISBN: 978-1-922190-89-5

  • Format: Paperback

  • Extent: 264pp

  • AU: $24.99

  • Categories: Parenting

About the Author

Michael Parker is the Headmaster of Oxley College in Southern NSW. He received Arts and Law degrees from Sydney University and worked briefly in a corporate law firm before turning his attention to Education. He has a Masters Degree in teaching Philosophy to children and has written six textbooks in the areas of Legal Studies, Philosophy in Schools, and English.

Although he is English/History trained, Michael loves reading popular science fiction – although don’t ask him what a Higgs Boson is! He is married and has two daughters.

Talk With Your Kids: Big Ideas

By Michael Parker

“Do people start off good or bad?”

Talk With Your Kids: Big Ideas is the second in the Talk With Your Kids series by Michael Parker. Once again Michael stirs up all of those tricky questions that parents often avoid such as ‘what is infinity?’ ‘What is democracy?’ Or even ‘can I own a gun?’

Big Ideas has over 75 conversations for parents to have with their children to try and tackle those large questions about life and the universe.

Michael Parker promotes the use of the questions for a platform for discussion with children, which will engage them more than a simple read of a book. Michael uses varied formatting such as: the use of multiple choice questions, visual scenarios or open ended questions to engage both children and parents alike and stimulate discussion. Talk With Your Kids: Big Ideas is a tool for parents to help their children understand aspects of the world that they might not even understand in the first place.