• Published 1 October 2015

  • ISBN: 978-1-925183-17-7

  • Format: Paperback

  • AU: $29.99

  • Categories: Self-Help, Home, Gift

About the Author

Kim Carruthers is a de-cluttering expert. As a student, she lived in Japan where she experienced minimalist living up close.  Kim has travelled extensively as a management consultant and is an expert in packing, removal and unpacking.  Writing this book gave Kim’s father the enthusiasm to de-clutter four garages worth of equipment he saved after moving off his farm!

Website: www.declutter.less-is-more.com.au

The Art of Tidying Up

How to de-clutter your life

By Kim Carruthers

More than just “the physical stuff”, The Art of Tidying Up blends compassion and critique to create a detailed plan to achieve a minimalist mindset, both physically and emotionally.

The Art of Tidying Up tackles the contemporary issue of de-cluttering your life. This includes not just the physical aspects of de-cluttering a home or a room, but also the emotional clutter that many experience.

This book teaches hoarders how to recognize, understand and conquer the emotions and compulsions that lead to clutter. Kim provided smart, practical techniques and methods that can be implemented every day to clear away clutter and keep it away.