The Daughters of Henry Wong

Published 1 December 2016
ISBN: 9781925384970
ISBN ePUB: 9781925384962
Format: Paperback
Extent: 300pp
AU: $29.99
Categories: Contemporary fiction


Investment banker Harrison Young has done business in twenty countries and helped found firms in Bahrain and Beijing. So much airplane time has allowed him to write Partners, Submission and Nantucket, which he describes as “love stories with the sex left in.” He has been a reporter for The Washington Post, an infantry officer in Vietnam, a director of the Bank of England and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. He likes red wine, intelligent women and John Donne’s poetry.


The Daughters of Henry Wong

By Harrison Young


Money, power, passion and betrayal. 

Fresh from Harvard, Jonathan “Wendy” Lee had the good fortune of meeting and marrying Amanda Wong, daughter of the rich and powerful Henry Wong, the most influential banker in Hong Kong.

Known as an eccentric figure within the affluent clubs of Hong Kong’s high society, Wendy spends idle days impeccably dressed in 1930s-style cream-coloured linen suits, lunching alone.

His life appears perfect, until his father-in-law suddenly disappears without a trace.

Within days, he must respond to a take-over threat, a blackmail attempt and his wife’s disloyalty. Under the guidance of double-crossing investment bankers, wise friends and alluring women, Wendy races to uncover the layers of deception right under his nose before it’s too late.


'...this is a titillating read – funny, smart, bristling with intrigue and betrayal.' Cameron Woodhead, The Age