• Published 1 April 2015

  • ISBN 978-1-925183-74-0

  • Format: Paperback

  • AU $32.99

  • Categories: Memoir

About the Author

Maria Katsonis enjoyed a traditional Greek childhood, living on top of a milk bar and sharing a bedroom with her yiayia. She was a good Greek girl throughout high school until university when she discovered her rebellious side and abandoned nine-tenths of an economics degree for a career in the theatre.

The Good Greek Girl

By Maria Katsonis

The Good Greek Girl will make you laugh, cry, gasp and smile, written with the honesty Maria’s story deserved, and the elegance and craft expected from such an inspiring public intellectual.

Maria Katsonis is the good Greek girl who grew up above her parents’ milk bar and shared a bedroom with her yiayia. That is until university where she discovered her rebellious side, realized her true sexuality and abandoned nine-tenths of an economics degree for a career in the theatre.

Furthering her studies later in life, Maria attended Harvard University and left with a Masters of Public Administration. Little did she know, in five years time, she would be alone on a bed in a white psych ward fighting for her life.


'A keenly observed and unflinching memoir… It's a stunning book. I found it compelling and so lucidly written'
Jon Faine, ABC 774 Melbourne

'An intelligent and loving memoir of depression'
The Age

'It is impossible not to enjoy Katsonis' warm and open companionship as she takes us through her life. The world needs the rare kindness Katsonis is able to show to both herself and others' 
Sydney Morning Herald

'One of the most anticipated books of 2015'
Martin Shaw, Readings

'Prepare yourself for a beautiful, inspiring and extraordinary tale of triumph over adversity'
LOTL Magazine

'The quality of Katsonis' writing is superb. She demonstrates a playful sense of humour despite the gravity of her topic' Readings Monthly

'The value in this text is the explicit detailing of daily life in the psych ward, in suffering depression, and in the path to recovery'

'A very profound memoir, I really found it extraordinary to read'
Natasha Mitchell, ABC Radio National, Life Matters

'She writes clearly and lucidly about her decline, hospitalisation and recovery, and helps the reader understand what it means to be out of your mind'
The Advertiser