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  • Published: 1 November 2017

  • ISBN 978-1-925384-27-7

  • ISBN ePUB: 978-1-925384-29-1

  • Format: Paperback

  • AU: $29.99

  • eBook: $9.99

  • Categories: Fiction

About the Author

Mike Safe was a newspaper reporter and feature writer for forty years, the last nineteen as a staff writer for The Weekend Australian Magazine. He lives in Bondi Beach, Sydney. The Last Long Drop is his first novel.

The Long Last Drop

A Novel

By Mike Safe

‘A rollicking novel of surf and celebrity, The Last Long Drop is a wild ride through the volatile world of killer waves and tabloid sensations, where any mess-up may be your last.

When Johno Harcourt is shown the door at his high-profile newspaper job, he finds himself on the wrong side of fifty, pondering what to do with the rest of his life.

While his go-getting wife and over-achieving children are otherwise occupied, he whiles away summer days surfing and playing funky music with his odd-bod gang of mates – that is, until he lands the prize job of ghostwriting the autobiography of Australia’s veteran movie megastar, Mike Vargas.

Charismatic, confident and still a mad keen surfer, Vargas wins over Harcourt as they spend hours catching waves and drinking together while the screen legend tells of his ever-eventful life.

But as Harcourt digs deeper, secrets from Vargas’s distant past suddenly emerge, forcing him to realise there’s a darker side to the star he thought he knew, but doesn’t.

Praise for The Long Last Drop

'Safe is at his strongest... in his evocation of the old-school culture of Sydney’s eastern suburbs, with its flinty codes of masculine hierarchy and mateship based around footy, surfing, the ability to play an instrument and to hold your grog'

‘A veteran of surfing’s impact zones and city newsrooms, Mike Safe cleverly segues between these volatile worlds, flicking satirical spray over both as he builds his intricate plot.’
PHIL JARRATT, author of Life of Brine

‘A rollicking surf novel, stuffed with haired-out stories and bittersweet titillation.’
DEREK RIELLY, co-founder of

‘A spirited summertime novel where suspension of disbelief meets hard-boiled reality. Call it satire with lashings of truth, and plenty of surf scenes too.'
Stu Nettle, SWELLNET

‘A rollicking adventure featuring some mad keen surfers. I think this one will appeal vey much to any reader, particularly an older male reader, who has found themselves at a bit of a crossroad and want that sense of hope.'

‘It is the reality and the layers in this story that make it so compelling... There are thought provoking moments as well as common issues to enjoy. Put all this together and throw in a gangland murder and you have a super read.’           

'Fun summer read for the over 30's who love surfing and satirical fiction.'