• Published 1 November 2016

  • ISBN: 9781925183122

  • ISBN ePUB: 1925183122

  • Format: Hardcover

  • Extent: 88pp

  • AU: $29.99

  • Categories: Children's picture book


Simon Longstaff is the co-founder of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Director of The Ethics Centre and has been named one of AFR’s ‘True Leaders’.

The Spider's Song

By Dr Simon Longstaff

The Spider’s Song is a remarkable debut children’s book, written by Simon Longstaff and illustrated by Dutch artist, Marc Van de Griendt.

Lose yourself in the enchanted world of The Boffin, who as a young science prodigy dared to compete with Mother Nature and create his very own perfect world.

Years go by and the Boffin enjoys his solitude, inventing creatures most bizarre: ovelwoozers, worralots, midbits and phtphts, each more weird and wonderful then the next.

That is until a clever spider and a curious girl venture into his world to teach him the most important lesson of all, one he won’t find in any textbook or lab.

With subtle messages woven throughout, The Spider’s Song teaches adults and children alike the value of nature, acceptance, humanity and friendship.

Inside The Spider's Song

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“Longstaff's first children's book addresses... philosophic al stirrings but from a gentler, more personal and heartfelt place"- Linda Morris, Sun Herald Sydney

The Spider's Song is aiming for adults and children alike and teaching them the value of nature, acceptance, humanity and friendship.’ ABC24