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  • Published: 1 May 2018

  • ISBN 978-1-925384-48-2

  • ISBN ePub 978-1-925384-50-5

  • Format: Paperback

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About the Author

Andrew Laurie is a successful entrepreneur and business coach who is regularly ranked among the top business coaches in the world. The former-CEO of a multi-billion-dollar travel company in the UK, he went on to build one of the most successful business and executive coaching companies in Australia, and has assisted countless others to build prosperous businesses. Andrew has lectured at Sydney Business School, has completed his MBA at INSEAD in France and has Economics and Honors Law Degrees from ANU. He lives with his wife and two sons in the Blue Mountains.

Thirty Essentials: Management

By Andrew Laurie

Get the best out of your team with these thirty practical steps for successful people management.

Building a strong team is among the most important requirements for any company, and anyone who has managed a great, high-performing team knows how enjoyable and rewarding it is for everyone involved.

However, in his years of experience as a top business coach, as CEO of a multi-billion-dollar company and as president of a large charity, Andrew Laurie has seen many teams that are not achieving, and far more managers struggling to get the best from their team.

Using thirty steps and activities that Andrew has cultivated over years leading successful teams ranging from a couple of people to thousands of staff, Thirty Essentials: Management is a practical tool that will help managers get better performance from members of their team. 

This book will also provide clear direction in identifying specific opportunities to develop leadership and management abilities.

Praise for Thirty Essentials: Management

‘For anyone wanting to lead high-performing teams, this book is a must-read.’
STEPHEN O’SULLIVAN, Chairman and CEO, Trent Driving School

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