• Published 2004

  • ISBN: 978-1-925183-72-6

  • Format: Paperback

  • Extent: 80pp

  • AU: $6.99

  • Categories: Health

About the Author

 Catherine Proctor is a writer and editor specialising in health books, and runs her own cookery school.  She is also the author of Pocket Detox, How Much Carb? How Much Protein? and Pocket Paleo.


What's the GI?

By Catherine Proctor

Lose weight and improve your health without feeling hungry or giving up your favourite foods with this handy pocket GI counter.

Find out what the glycemic index is all about and the health benefits of eating low GI foods. This handy pocket guide includes GI ratings of over 500 foods including restaurant meals, in three easy reference tables.

Eating low GI foods has numerous health benefits for adults and children, such as:

·      Reduction of food cravings

·      Control and prevention of diabetes

·      Increased energy levels

·      Weight loss

·      Boost your immune system

Learn how to use the glycemic index to change your eating habits and achieve a healthy, sustainable way of life.