• Published 1 February 2016

  • ISBN: 978-1-925183-81-8

  • Format: Paperback

  • Extent: 208pp

  • AU: $24.99

  • Categories: Careers, Motivational


Angela Priestley is the founding editor and Publisher of Women's Agenda. She is a journalist and writer specialising in careers, leadership and workplace diversity. 

Women Who Seize The Moment

By Angela Priestley

11 career lessons from Australia's most inspiring female leaders including Janine Allis, Anna Goldsworthy, Katie Lahey, Kerry Chikarovski and Wendy McCarthy. 

We all experience career-defining turning points. Some we can control and plenty we can't. But it's the women who create such moments rather than waiting for them to occur who come out on top.

Through dozens of interviews, Angela Priestley, founding editor of Women's Agenda, shares 11 lessons on how to own, manage and shape career turning points. It's a quick guide to creating the career and success you desire, rather than waiting to get the raise, promotion or job that you want.

It's time for women to start creating career opportunities, rather than waiting for them.