Ventura signs Paul Dalgarno's debut novel, Poly

We are excited to announce one of the latest additions to our 2020 list - Paul Dalgarno’s debut novel, Poly.

With thanks to Martin Shaw at Alex Adsett Publishing Agency, Ventura secured Dalgarno’s novel for publication. Shaw describes the novel as ‘a deliciously frank account of the highs and lows of a married couple’s exploration of a polyamorous lifestyle—a slanted and enchanted romantic comedy thriller for our times’.

‘After witnessing the tremendous job they did with Angela Meyer’s novel A Superior Spectre last year, I also know this book is in the best possible publishing hands at Ventura,’ said Shaw.

Poly will take its rightful place among our ever-growing contemporary-focussed list. It is a Sally-Rooney-esque fiction that will challenge ideologies, and we hope, ignite and further conversations on inclusivity and diversity in publishing today.

Ventura’s director, Jane Curry says, ‘Poly is contemporary fiction at its best, a novel that challenges our preconceptions and reflects modern society in all its wonderful diversity.’

Dalgarno’s memoir And You May Find Yourself was published by Sleepers in 2015.

Poly will be published in the second half of 2020.

We look forward to sharing this future new release with you!