The launch of Storytime

August marked a time to celebrate children’s literature – from the much-loved Book Week, to the launch of Jane Sullivan’s Storytime. And what a time to talk about a love of literature and the impact it has on our lives – both young and old.

Earlier in the month, Readings Carlton hosted the Melbourne launch of Storytime, featuring an enthralling and engaging conversation between Jane and literary editor of The Age, Jason Steger.

This week, Newtown’s Better Read Than Dead hosted a conversation with Jane and deputy editor of Spectrum, Melanie Kembrey. 

The rooms were filled with book lovers and authors of all genres including Andy Griffiths, Angela Savage, Angela Meyer, Leah Kaminsky, Lee Kofman, Emily Bitto and more.  

Jane spoke of her childhood with her head buried in books, reading stories late into the night. She spoke of her parents’ love of literature and art, which they undoubtedly passed on to her. Jane even mentioned how words enthralled her so much that she even took time to read the cornflake cereal packet – just to have something to read. And she spoke of how her love for literature has guided her career as a journalist and as an author.

Jump into Storytime with Jane, and find yourself lost in a world of adventure, nostalgia, and unique voices that will guide you through the years to come.

Jane Sullivan with Melanie Kembrey at Better Read Than Dead

Jane Sullivan with Melanie Kembrey at Better Read Than Dead