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Your ideas. Your vision. Your story.

In the new media landscape, the world of books and ideas is multi-layered and multi-platform. At Impact we embrace this new world. We offer a dynamic pathway to being published that did not exist before. 

A book is the best business card you will ever have.

A powerful and effective tool to legitimise your brand, personal experiences or creativity, a book is a tangible object that can position you or your company as an expert in your field, support others through a tough time through your lived experience or capture the imagination of readers across the world.

In the increasingly crowded digital space, a book is a credible and impressive asset that will take you above and beyond the level of your competitors. We truly believe the impact and staying power of words bound into a book cannot be rivalled by a blog post, tweet or eDM.

Are you a new author, looking to break into the publishing world? Or perhaps wanting to boost your business and provide industry expertise to those in your field? Contact us to learn more about Impact Press, or head to our submissions platform.


How Impact Press works

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