• Published 1 August 2016

  • ISBN 978-1-925183-52-8

  • Format: Paperback

  • AU $32.99

  • Categories: Memoir, Anthology

About the Editors

Maria Katsonis is a senior executive in the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet. Her debut memoir, The Good Greek Girl, was published in 2014. You can find her at or on twitter @mariakatsonis.

Lee Kofman is a Russian-born Israeli-Australian author of four books, writing teacher and mentor. Her most recent memoir, The Dangerous Bride, was published in 2014. You can find her at or on twitter @leekofman.

Rebellious Daughters

By Maria Katsonis and Lee Kofman

Good daughters hold their tongues, obey their elders and let their families determine their destiny. Rebellious Daughters are just the opposite. 

In Rebellious Daughters, some of Australia’s most talented female writers share intimate and touching stories of rebellion and independence as they defy the expectations of parents and society to find their place in the world. 

Powerful, funny and poignant, these stories explore everything from getting caught in seedy nightclubs to lifelong family conflicts and marrying too young. Beautifully written, profoundly honest and always relatable, every story is a unique retelling that celebrates the rebellious daughter within us all. 

Not every woman is a mother, grandmother, aunty or sister – but all women are daughters. 

Rebellious Daughters contributors: Jane Caro, Jamila Rizvi, Susan Wyndham, Rebecca Starford, Marion Halligan, Amra Pajalic, Jo Case, Leah Kaminsky, Michelle Law, Caroline Baum, Rochelle Siemienowicz, Nicola Redhouse, Krissy Kneen, Silvia Kwon and Eliza-Jane Henry-Jones.


'★★★★ A stellar line-up of Australian female writers'

'Brimming with wise, funny, intimate stories... Each of us knows one, has one – or is one. There is much to savour here’ Nicole Abadee, Australian Financial Review Magazine

'If you have a female role model in your life whom you like to lock ideas with as well as horns, this is a great book to share and discuss'
Hilary Simmons, Readings Monthly

'Within a few minutes of picking up the book, I was shedding tears… it is a highly thoughtful and often moving exploration of the nature of rebellion and how it affects ourselves and those around us'

'An eclectic array of honest, heart warming and heartbreaking stories'

'…A brave, inclusive and exhilarating read – for aren’t we all, even slightly, a rebellious daughter?'
Reading, Writing and Riesling

'...gorgeous book that helps you to understand yourself, but it’s not just for the enjoyment of women, it is a universal book…' Tagg

'I adored that the rebellious nature of each woman was captured and celebrated in such a raw and glorious manner' AusRom Today

'A true celebration of those moments that define us. Recommended'
Kathryn’s Inbox

'★★★★…A generous insight into the exquisite quandaries of growing into yourself; a loving portrait of the journeys that birthed the women of our generation'
Nithya Iyer, Peril Magazine

'The variety of perspectives shared within Rebellious Daughters makes for an engaging collection. '
Samantha Allemann, Westerly Magazine

'A new word needs to be invented, embracing mangled, uplifted, saddened and heartened. With just a touch of amused thrown in. ' 
Elizabeth Lhuede

‘Rebellious Daughters has a style as individual as the stories shared, which keeps the book interesting and refreshing til the end.’
Jo-Ann Duff, Duffythewriter

‘In this collection, some terrific Australian female writers offer their stories of rebellion and the search for independence.’ Corinna Hente, Hobart Mercury

‘The glorious anthology edited by Lee Kofman and Maria Katsonis, demonstrates that it takes determination and skill to violate the “dutiful daughter” tag.’
Clare Wright, The Saturday Age

‘These stories are honest, intimate, heartfelt, often entertaining and above all, extremely well written.’
Mary Ann Elliott, Toowoomba Chronicle